Rent houses

Choosing a cottage for himself and friends, you need to think through every detail, so that did not work, so that you come into the house, which looked very simpotichnaya in the photograph, and inside will be completely empty. No utensils, no clothes, nothing for elementary prozhivaniya. Vse Cottage Park Hotel Captain Morgan, fully equipped. They have not only the most necessary household items, and decorative elements, for more comfort and uyuta. Chetyrehmestny cottage. The wooden, one-story house in which three rooms: two bedrooms and a small living room and bathroom with shower. In the living room table and chairs, TV, fridge and electric kettle. All the furniture in the cottage made of wood. Four-family houses overlooking the forest, built opposite the Hotel number 1, the right of the restaurant. View with PicLens cottages sleeps. Standing on the shore of Lake Ladoga, on the left, away from the central part of the Park Hotel. Two-story, cobbled houses made in the style of the “Russian house”. Next to each cottage has mangalnye playground. On the ground floor of the cottage: a living room with TV, one bedroom, kitchen with electric stove, electric kettle, fridge, microwave and set all the necessary utensils, bathroom with shower and washing machine. On the second floor of the cottage is a wooden spiral staircase. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom. Cottage is decorated with rattan wicker furniture. View with PicLens Eight cottages. Two-story houses built along the shore of Lake Ladoga, are made as the Hotel Park Hotel, Half-timbered houses in the style (the style is very popular in residential buildings in Germany, Denmark and Austria). On the ground floor of the cottage: a living room-dining room with large dining table, kitchenette equipped with refrigerator, electric stove, microwave, electric kettle and all necessary utensils, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a sauna. The second floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom with shower.

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